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Controle para micro, e pequenas empresas. Lojas, Restaurantes, Bares, Hoteis, Pousadas

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Modular since its roots

Simple and intuitive interface

Above the clouds, but with local run

PayGate runs entirely above the clouds, you can access all your sales, and financial information, anywhere in the world, at your fingertips. But if your internet is not in its best days, do not worry! Sales continue rolling, and synchronize when Internet returns.

Modules that fits with you!

PayGate has several modules for various situations, customer management, sales, electronic invoicing, electronic coupon tax, financial, stock, supports online stores, among many others who are in constant evolution!

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Adaptable system

PayGate was done thinking of mobile devices, whether it is accessing from a computer, by phone, or by tablet, all features are present.

And what about support?

Have a gold support, and sleep calm knowing that the technological part of your sales will be always running!

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